"unconditional love"

"unconditional love", 2019.

“unconditional love” celebrates the ever-growing variety of UK households such as lone person households, single parent families, widowers, older parents and nuclear families, therefore showing that ‘family’ is not one size fits all. Instead, ‘family’ comes in all shapes and sizes and can mean different things to different people. In the past, the extended family was the prominent household structure as families needed a large workforce close to home to work on the family farms. After Industrialisation took place, the nuclear family became more prominent as families needed geographically mobile workforces to be able to move around to work in the city. Now, due to changes in a modern world such as financial uncertainty, women’s emancipation, changes in law and a generally more open-minded society, there is not one set family type, there is a diverse range of households across the country. “unconditional love” explores the ongoing increase in variation of family structures whilst also highlighting that there is one commonality amongst them all: they are all a family. This is shown through the repetition of the sofa, a staple object in the home where families often gather.

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