My name is Evie Scarborough and I am a 19 year-old photography student from the UK, based in Cambridgeshire, currently studying creative and editorial photography at university. My photos are all digital-based and my photography typically explores social issues. Some examples of social issues I have explored in my work include gender, mental health and autism, often challenging my viewer as well as encouraging them to question their initial reactions to my work. 

I have been interested in photography from a young age, beginning with doing mini photoshoots with my younger sister in our family back garden. Growing up, I always had a creative eye and I initially thought that I wanted to progress in the Graphic Design industry so I took this as a GCSE. I quickly realised that I enjoyed the photography element that came with this course more than the Graphical element, so I then took Photography as an A-Level alongside Sociology and English Literature and Language. 

Studying Sociology alongside Photography, I soon developed a keen interest in exploring my Sociological studies through photography which is where I started producing work based around gender issues and mental health. 


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